Sterling 2014 Cellar Club Zinfandel

Aromas of boysenberry jam are dusted by coconut, clove and smoky black tea in our Sterling Vineyards Cellar Club Zinfandel. Generous fruit develops through the palate with ripe raspberry, boysenberry and a pleasant black cherry that persists through the finish. With refined finesse, our Zinfandel packs good flavor intensity across a medium-bodied palate, which is met by a light blanket of tannins that span the finish. This straightforward wine pairs well with a variety of foods; our favorite companions include pasta, pizza and grilled meats.

Sterling 2016 Cellar Club Oak Knoll Chardonnay

Apple pie aromas dominate the nose of our Oak Knoll Chardonnay with a sweet mélange of vanilla, nutmeg and Granny Smith apple. The apple component shifts through the palate, taking on softer Golden Delicious qualities along with poached pear and golden toffee. A line of citrus weaves through the medium-bodied palate and remains on the lasting finish. This is an excellent wine with food; we recommend serving it alongside seafood or light poultry dishes.

Sterling 2016 Cellar Club Malvasia Bianca

While rarely heard of, Malvasia Bianca is one of the most pervasive grape varietals. Believed to have originated almost 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece, it is part of the expansive Malvasia family, which spans the world. We were attracted to it for its bright, fresh aromas and easy-going, inviting drinkability. Highly aromatic, our Malvasia Bianca welcomes the senses with a mélange of exotic spices, candied ginger and orange blossom, which playfully dance through ripe nectarines and apricots. Across the palate, these flavors continue, skillfully weaving sweet fruits, exotic spices and hints of floral across a plush midpalate. Juicy pear and apricot are lifted by bright tangerine, cardamom, coriander and ginger, which continue through the long, clean finish. The intricate balance of acidity and sweetness creates the ideal partner for spicy foods. Serve well chilled with Thai barbecue or sweet-and-spicy carnitas.