Our Heritage

As one of the landmark wineries of Napa Valley, Sterling Vineyards enjoys a rich heritage, including groundbreaking wines, diverse vineyards, a historical winery with stunning architecture, and much more.

To reflect the influence our heritage has had on our modern winery, we have a series of hallmarks that showcase various aspects of our history. You will see these hallmarks reflected in our bottle labels, at our winery, and throughout our website.

Heritage Hallmark Legend

Sterling Vineyards
Sterling Vineyards was founded in 1964.
Represents founder Peter Newton, an Oxford Scholar, paper tycoon and London Financial Times writer from England.

A nod to founder Peter Newton’s heritage, the lion is frequently depicted in English heraldry and symbolizes bravery, nobility and strength.

The iconic towers at Sterling feature bells salvaged from St. Dunstan’s Church in East London. Today, the historic bells ring every 15 minutes.