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Sterling Vineyards

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Vintage 2015
Wine Type Red
Varietal Petite Sirah
Region Napa Valley
Winemaker Harry Hansen
A seductive combination of violets, bacon, cinnamon and black fruit unfold across the nose of our Petite Sirah. Dark fruit and blueberry pie continue through the middle, met by big, chewy tannins. Oak aging lends sweet vanilla and rich maple syrup that flow through the palate and into the long finish. With evenly distributed tannins and full-bodied flavors, this wine matches up perfectly with hearty foods such as rich pastas or roasted meats.

Vineyard Notes

We sourced our Petite Sirah from the Napa Valley, primarily from Jonquil Vineyards in Pope Valley. This vineyard, situated in the northern reaches of the valley just east of Calistoga at an elevation of 800 to 1,000 feet, experiences warm daytime temperatures, ideal for developing the rich, dark fruit flavors of this varietal. At night, the temperatures cool considerably, allowing fi ne balancing acids to develop. The grapes mature slowly, resulting in intricate layers of aromas and flavors.

Winemaking Notes

As its name suggests, Petite Sirah grows in tight clusters of small grapes with intense character. When crafted with care, it can yield dark, decadent and desirable wines. After we hand harvested the fruit, we cold-soaked the grapes to gently extract the signature color and rich flavors that draw us to this varietal. During fermentation, the juice was pumped over the skins several times a day, which allowed thorough extraction of varietal character. We aged the wine for 18 months in a combination of French and American oak barrels, almost 30 percent new, to lend structure and hints of spice to the wine.