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Sterling Vineyards

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Vintage 2010
Wine Type Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Napa Valley
Winemaker Harry Hansen
Our 2010 Platinum delivers rich elegance cloaked in a dark profile,” describes Winemaker Alison Crary. “Opulent, brooding and incredibly black in every sense.”  Blackberry, black currant and black cherry, deep and layered with baker’s chocolat e, tar, toast, clove and espresso. The intensity of flavors effortlessly unifies the palate, joined by mouth-coating tannins that support and lift the long finish. “When experiencing this wine, it reminds me of stepping into a dark, wood-paneled library that envelopes your senses with its presence.  

Vineyard Notes

Our Platinum Reserve is made from grapes sourc ed from premier vineyards in Napa Valley.  The triumvirate of Yountville, Rutherford and Diamond Mountain make up the majority of the blend. Within these sub-appellations, we selected several vineyards from varying topographies ranging from western hills, eastern hills and two bench sites. Each vineyard has well-drained, gravelly-loam soils with either east or west-facing aspects. The unique microclimates   and soil compositions of the individual sites lend distinct personalities to each lot.

Vintage Notes

One of the coolest vintages on record, 2010 had mild temperatures throughout summer, which allowed for long hang times and incredible color and structure. Harvested in late October, the majority of our Platinum lots arrived in the winery before the big rainfall on October 21st. The remaining lots harvest ed aft er the rain were full of gorgeous and sound fruit,  as a result of the hillside aspects of the blocks.

Winemakers Note

With cooler weather in 2010, harvest was later than average. Fruit hung on the vine well into late October, developing incredible color, structure and fruit maturity. To build texture and layers,  we chose multiple vessels for fermentation and aging, including stainless steel tanks, one-ton fermentors and oak barrels. This allowed us to tailor our winemaking and draw forward each lot’s expressive individuality. Following fermentation and aging, our team worked with Consulting W inemaker Paul Hobbs, evaluating the profile of each lot and selecting the finest, most balanced blend for our Platinum.