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Vintage 2013
Wine Type Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Napa Valley
Winemaker 哈里汉森

钻石山区坐落在卡马斯山脉西部纳帕山谷附近托。在海拔接近 1700 英里,葡萄园种植在陡峭火山的山坡上。其结果是,他们知道他们丰富、 浓郁的水果。如墨、 复杂回味持久,这赤霞珠被挤满了激烈黑莓字符层略带黑巧克力,香草,和香料。


我们的钻石山牧场的葡萄赤霞珠是手工收割, 压榨和发酵在不锈钢水箱七至十天, 定期 pumpovers, 以提取颜色和风味。浓郁的黑樱桃、黑莓、石楠和烤橡木口味, 夹杂着微妙的山矿物。享受烤里脊肉, 烤菲力牛排和烤羊肉架。

Tasting Notes

An exceptional wine from a stunning vineyard, our 2013 Sleeping Lady Cabernet Sauvignon highlights the beauty and complexity of this dynamic site. Very few vineyards can deliver quite like Sleeping Lady says Director of Winemaking Harry Hansen.  In this wine, we get beautiful fruit purity, ripe tannins and aromatic complexity, all straight from the vineyard. Rich and opulent, the wine delivers layers of brambly black fruits and blueberries, graced by violets, graphite, and chocolaty tannins. The flavors will develop nicely over the years, which make this an excellent wine to lay down. 

Vineyard Notes

The contour of a Sleeping Lady presides over this pristine vineyard, which sits up against the Mayacamas Mountains on the west bench of Yountville. The dramatic beauty of the vineyard comes from its immaculate care and attention to detail, noticeable from the clean vineyard floor to the open architecture of the vines, where perfect clusters dangle neatly on display. Careful leafing and crop management provide the ideal mixture of sun and shade for the fruit. The soils are deep, gravelly and well drained, offering distinctive graphite notes to the concentrated dark fruit flavors.