Wine Type Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Napa Valley
Winemaker 哈里汉森
我们瓶极少量的我们最好的赤霞珠,白金储备在 1.5 升大酒瓶瓶每个年份。大小的普通瓶的两倍,magnums 允许这些葡萄酒发展及成熟复杂和微妙的葡萄酒同时保持白金的签名浓度和丰富性。

在有限的时间我们很高兴提供白金万能大小四个老式垂直。从 2010 年到杰出的 2013年年份,这些酒已经发展得很好,并为任何葡萄酒爱好者制作令人难以置信,令人难忘的奖。也适合晚宴和聚会,magnums 优雅地将他们就座要好玩饮用的谈资。

四 1.5 L 万能瓶

2010 Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

Blackberry, black currant and black cherry, deep and layered with baker’s chocolate, tar, toast, clove and espresso. The intensity of flavors effortlessly unifies the palate, joined by mouth-coating tannins that support and lift the long finish. “When experiencing this wine, it reminds me of stepping into a dark, wood-paneled library that envelopes your senses with its presence.

With cooler weather in 2010, harvest was later than average. Fruit hung on the vine well into late October, developing incredible color, structure and fruit maturity. To build texture and layers, we chose multiple vessels for fermentation and aging, including stainless steel tanks, one-ton fermentors and oak barrels. This allowed us to tailor our winemaking and draw forward each lot’s expressive individuality.

91 Points, The Wine Advocate

2011 Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

Rich, dark fruit aromas unfold with hints of violet, black plum, cassis, and cedar. The cooler vintage offers distinctive mineral and graphite notes that weave through the aromas and flavors. Bold and serious, the palate delivers density and texture with concentrated blackberry, cedar and cloves, joined by mouth coating tannins. The rich profile is complemented by a splash of Petite Verdot, which lends depth and lovely floral notes, and Malbec, for a youthful pop and bright aromatics.

2012 Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

Dense and dark, our 2012 Platinum Reserve delivers signature elegance with serious poise and sophisticated grace. Blackberry, cassis and graphite merge with layers of caramel, roasted hazelnuts and black pepper. The nose has a soft, toasty openness that is followed by a burst of ripe fruit on the palate. Round, voluminous texture and mature tannins define this wine. 

Warm and dry, 2012 had ideal weather conditions that allowed the grapes to develop slowly over a long season. With no heat spikes and no rain, we were able to pick the fruit as each cluster reached perfect maturity. This gave the fruit a well-balanced freshness that translates to the glass.