Vintage 2014
Wine Type Red
Varietal Merlot
Region Napa Valley
Winemaker 哈里汉森
思令酒庄金酒是我们纳帕谷极表。100%梅洛2014金酒1969年由思令在帕谷首 。2014年天气温暖,生,允梅洛慢慢成熟。款葡萄酒郁而醇厚,具有紫罗兰色和肉桂色,呈出复果和桃特色,是精中的精款葡萄酒在60%的法国橡木桶中陈酿达19个月,感平衡

Tasting Notes

The Sterling Vineyards Platinum Merlot is brilliant with black cherry, fresh plum and sweet vanilla spice pronounced on the nose. The seductive aromas lead to a juicy, plush mouthfeel where the core fruit flavors of wild berries and red fruit are underpinned by silky, milk chocolate notes. The wine is incredibly approachable with its soft yet plentiful tannins and is well-balanced with bright fruit, firm structure and good acidity.

Vineyard Notes

Napa Valley Merlot is of the highest quality, and the region is famous for not only outstanding expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon but also Merlot. Napa Valley offers an ideal combination of topography, geology and climate that enables Merlot fruit to reach optimum ripeness, balance, power and finesse.  For the 2014 Platinum Merlot, grapes were selected from Yountville, Oak Knoll and Diamond Mountain.

Vintage Notes

2014 was a beautiful, near ‘textbook’ vintage for the Napa Valley along the lines of the recent outstanding vintages of 2012 and 2013. Although California’s drought brought another dry winter, the growing season started with a warm, dry spring and relatively early bud break. Summer temperatures remained mild and consistent, and grapes for the 2014 Platinum Merlot were harvested on September 16, 19 and 30.

Winemaking Notes

After being hand harvested and hand sorted upon arrival at the winery, the grapes were fermented on the skins for 14 days. The wine was then gently pressed, racked and aged for 19 months in 100% French oak.  Each lot was kept separate until final blending, allowing Winemaker Harry Hansen the flexibility to select the most expressive individual barrels for the final Platinum Merlot blend.