Vintage 2013
Wine Type Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Napa Valley
Winemaker 哈里汉森



我们的钻石山牧场的葡萄赤霞珠是手工收割, 压榨和发酵在不锈钢水箱七至十天, 定期 pumpovers, 以提取颜色和风味。浓郁的黑樱桃、黑莓、石楠和烤橡木口味, 夹杂着微妙的山矿物。享受烤里脊肉, 烤菲力牛排和烤羊肉架。

Vineyard Notes

Situated high above the valley floor on a steep northern face of the Mayacamas Mountains near Calistoga, Diamond Mountain Ranch is one of the most interesting vineyard properties in this renowned winegrowing region. Here, austere soils and dry farming stress the vines and low vigor volcanic soils provide minimal nutrition. The result is small, intensely concentrated fruit clusters that make deeply pigmented, assertive wines that are rich in body and tannin: truly world-class wines.