Green Efforts


Sterling Vineyards is proud to be a certified Napa County Green Winery, a distinction we achieved in 2009 as one of the first 12 wineries to be included. This certification is a result of our diligent efforts in conserving water and energy, as well as preventing pollution and landfill waste.

In addition, Sterling is also certified as Napa County Green for our land and vineyard practices, which include sustainable vineyard management, water conservation, and fish-friendly farming across 100% of our estate vineyards.

Every year we recycle approximately 1,400 tons of waste, resulting in a waste diversion rate of 95%. This has resulted in awards in the Waste Reduction Awards Program from the California Integrated Waste Management Board for the past three years. (Proceeds from the award have been donated to local charities each year.)

Finally, in December 2008 our iconic tram was converted to solar power. The solar energy system produces more than 100,000 kilowatt-hours per year, which is equivalent to the energy required to power 5.5 homes for a full year. This conversion also eliminates 65 tons of CO2 emitted into the environment annually.

From vineyard practices to winery operations to the daily activities at our world-famous tasting rooms, Sterling Vineyards is proud to act as a dedicated steward of our environmental riches.