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Blog - Sterling Spotlights

Elevate your Fourth of July celebration with the exquisite harmony of our Sterling Vineyards Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon and succulent Grilled Ribeye Steaks. This richly marbled steak, perfectly seared on the grill, finds its match in the deep, complex flavors of this cabernet sauvignon—a pairing you can enjoy all summer long. Savor the intricate aromas of dark fruits and caramelized sugar that define this wine, creating a beautiful balance that complements the sweet summer corn and tangy peak-season cherry tomatoes. The suggested addition of jalapeño to the salsa brings a spicy kick that perfectly offsets the wine's depth, adding a touch of vibrant contrast to this culinary masterpiece.
Here at Sterling, we are proud to say that we are the only winery in the world with an aerial gondola. Since the 1970s, it’s carried guests to and from our hillside winery, wowing with spectacular views of the Napa Valley along the way. Here are some facts about the Sterling Aerial Gondola, a one-of-a-kind scenic journey through the heart of wine country.
As summer blossoms, indulge in the perfect match of food and wine with a recipe designed to pair flawlessly with Sleeping Lady Cabernet Sauvignon, always intense with plentiful tannins, Sleeping Lady Cabernet is a poster child for Napa Valley with great structure, beautiful complexity and layered aromatics. The robust flavors of lamb, an abundance of fresh herbs, and a seasonal tomato salad were selected to enhance and contrast with the nuances of this esteemed cabernet, creating a harmonious culinary experience.
With National Rosé Day on June 8, 2024, we thought we’d share some facts you might not know about rosé. Plus, meet our newest obsession - Sterling Pinot Noir Rosé. From strawberries to peaches, this rosé is a symphony of summer tastes waiting to tantalize your palate. Get ready to sip, savor, and welcome summer in style!
Summer is the best time to fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious food with a glass of fine wine. If you’re looking for the perfect pairing for your Sterling Vineyards Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon, then look no further. We’ve got two mouth-watering skewer recipes that will elevate your summer barbecue to a whole new level. The lighter character of this vintage makes it a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with both hearty shellfish and tender red meat.
Sterling Reserve Chardonnay presents a sensorial delight with aromas of lemon grass, clay, and fresh flowers. This medium-bodied wine unfolds gracefully, transitioning from bright fruit notes to a more savory profile, showcasing the evolution from Meyer lemon to hints of straw and flint. A true embodiment of elegance and complexity, this Chardonnay offers a nuanced tasting experience that captivates the palate with its layered flavors and textures. The bright and lively characteristics of our Reserve Chardonnay make it a perfect pairing for light spring appetizers and dishes.
Here's to the phenomenal women who have brought light into our lives, whether in the past or present. Cheers to Mom – today and always!
Sterling Malvasia Bianca, a delightful choice for springtime sipping, offers a refreshing and aromatic experience. This wine is known for its crisp acidity, notes of citrus and tropical fruits, and a floral aroma that evokes the blooming season of spring. The bright and lively characteristics of our Malvasia Bianca make it a perfect pairing for light spring appetizers and dishes.
Looking to add some glam to your greens this spring? We've got the perfect guide to help you craft vibrant salads and show you how to pair them with some of your favorite Sterling wines. So, get ready to elevate your salad game to a whole new level of elegance and impress your taste buds with every sip!
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There's nothing quite like the glitz and glam of the Oscars. This year, as the stars align on the red carpet, why not host a watch party that's as elegant as the event itself? Picture this: an evening filled with the finest Sterling Vineyards wines, the breathtaking artistry of award-winning movies, and the company of your closest friends.
Celebrate love and friendship this Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day with an elegant touch from Sterling Vineyards. Craft exquisite ice spheres dotted with delicate rose petals to chill your favorite wine. Whether you're cherishing time with your significant other or raising a glass to the bonds of friendship, these blooming ice decorations will make your celebration memorably sophisticated.