Vintage 2018
Wine Type White
Varietal Malvasia Bianca
Region California
Winemaker Harry Hansen
While rarely heard of, Malvasia Bianca is one of the most pervasive grape varietals. Believed to have originated almost 2,000 years ago in ancient Greece, it is part of the expansive Malvasia family, which spans the world. We were attracted to it for its bright, fresh aromas and easy-going, inviting drinkability. Serve well chilled with Thai barbecue or sweet-and-spicy carnitas.

Tasting Notes

Attention-getting floral aromas of orange blossom, honeysuckle and lychee give way to an unctuous, rich mouthfeel with flavors of tropical fruit, golden raisins and hints of Delicious apple and apricot. Exotic spices are on full display with lingering notes on honey. Crisp acid balances nicely with a touch of off-dry sweetness. Refreshing when chilled, wonderful with spicy pairings.

Vineyard Notes

Fruit is sourced from a warmer growing region in southcentral California. With consistent heat, the varietal’s tree fruit character fully develops, while cooling breezes help maintain a solid acid backbone, emphasizing the intriguing spicy-floral elements.

Vintage Notes

A near perfect season, welcomed after several tense vintages, began with abundant February rains followed by drying sun and weather that allowed for even flowering and bud break. The slightly later start was followed by consistently ideal weather. It turned a bit cool in August, mild in September, allowing fruit to evolve. Patience and careful attention to the vineyard was rewarded with fruit of excellent ripeness, well balanced tannins and complexity. Generally, normal to heavier fruit clusters were evident on the vine with great flavor intensity. On average, pick dates were two weeks later than normal.

Winemaking Notes

Grapes are destemmed and sent direct to press. Juice is cooled and allowed to settle before racking to stainless fermentation tanks. A long, slow fermentation preserves the delicate nature of the fruit, and fermentation is arrested to provide a refreshing off-dry wine with lower alcohol but a fuller mouthfeel.